Why Does Dr Pepper Come in a Bottle


Dr. Pepper is the name of a popular soda that was created by pharmacist Charles Alderton at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco.

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Dr. Pepper was first sold to the public on April 23rd of 1904 under its original name “Waldo Pepsin” because at this time high-fructose corn syrup did not exist yet for use as sweetening agent.

It originally contained real sugarcane syrup to give it its distinctive flavor but now has artificial sweeteners instead because cane farmers couldn’t keep up with demand during WWII rationing; these days you can find Dr pepper flavored ice cream and even iced tea!

Drinkers have been enjoying this refreshing drink since 1885 when inventor Charles Alderton made his famous discovery while visiting an old pharmacy on the corner of Fifth & Congress Streets The original recipe called for pure cane-sugar from Texas fields which gave it its unique taste.