What Word Contains All the Vowels


A riddle is a puzzle or game often in the form of a question or short story that can be solved by finding the answer to a clue. what word contains all the vowels is the answer. A talk with all five vowels is so rare that some dictionaries don’t even include it. This article will show you how to type or pronounce the word and discuss how it came to exist on such a list of rare words.

Riddle: What Word Contains All the Vowels

Are you ready for your next riddle challenge? What long word contains all the vowels?

Answer: “Eunoia”

What Word Contains All the Vowels? answer is “Eunoia.”


The English language has a word that contains the vowels, and it is pronounced “Eunoia” at six letters long; it is the shortest word in the English language that includes all five central vowels.

It’s an obscure word that describes a type of beauty and contains no recognizable meaning. It was coined by 18th-century Scottish poet James Macpherson who used it in his poem “Harmonius.”

Like most words, eunoia has evolved and expanded over time. For example, the term “eunoia” was pronounced as “EU-ah-noh-yah” in the past. Nowadays, many pronounce it with a long e sound and end the word with an ah sound.

“sequoia.” a word that contains the vowels. Sequoia is the name of a giant redwood tree. The word sequoia has seven letters and five of them are vowels.

This is the only word in English that has this property.

More than one word contains all the vowels, but the most common one is probably “sequoia.”

Is There a 5 Letter Word That Contains All the Vowels?

There is no five-letter English word that contains all five vowel letters. The closest possibility would be the six-letter word “Eunoia” or “sequoia,” which has five vowel letters.

Which Word Has All 5 Vowels

The word “sequoia” has all five vowels. It is the name of a type of tree, and it is also the name of a national park in California.

What Word Has All Vowels in Order?

The words have all of the vowels in order.

  • Abstemious.
  • Abstemiously.
  • Abstemious.
  • Abstentious.
  • Actions.
  • Acerbis.
  • Achilles.
  • Acheirous.

Shortest Word With All Vowels in Order

The shortest word with all five vowels in order is the English word “eugenic.” It is often used when discussing human genetics and improvements to the human species.

7 Letter Words With All 5 Vowels

There are not many seven-letter words with all five vowels, but there are a few! Here they are, Aerious.

Which 8 Letter Word Has All 5 Vowels?

There are quite a few eight-letter words with all five vowels, but the most common one is probably “Equation”. Other words include “euphoria” ” dialogue”, “adventitiously”, “adequate”, “rhythmically”, and “unquestionably”.

Interestingly, no nine-letter words contain all five vowels and only 2 10-letter words: “sequaciousness” and “subsequentially”.