What Is Woke


What is Woken Up? Waking up is the first step to full potential. Waking up keeps your mind and spirit active and alert. Waking up gives you permission to act and speak out.

Woken up is an age old question that has been answered through the ages by a diverse group of people. Some call it being awake, others call it waking up. What is wake up; is a question asked by many. In today’s society the term ‘woken culture’ is widely used.

What is wake up? Waking up is the first step to full social mobility. In today’s world, what is waking culture, is a question asked by many.

The origin of the question ‘what is waking culture’ can be traced back to the first internet graffiti. Graffiti is the earliest form of social media. Now if you ask what is waking culture you would get an answer that is heavily influenced by graffiti. From graffiti artists who drew on walls across the globe to social media gurus who create face book accounts; their answers would almost all fall in the wake culture category.

There are many authors, politicians, professors, journalists and anyone else involved in the wake lifestyle to justify its usage. In fact, some have even gone as far as to claim it is born out of the African-American’s struggles for equal rights. Former president Barack Obama used the phrase ‘Wake up America’, to explain his vision for the country. In his book ‘Dreams of Your Own Country’ he included what is known as the wake up call. This phrase is heavily based on the work of Martin Luther King Jr., who is commonly referred to as the father of the Civil Rights Movement.

When you look at what is waking through the lens of the author of the quote above, you will see that it is all about race equity. It is an expression used to critique those in society who are economically and socially unequal. You see this as the term ‘woken’, as it is often used by black Americans. However, it has also been used by numerous other individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. In fact, anyone from any background can be labeled a ‘woke’.

This is in part due to the fact that social media has allowed users from all walks of life to express themselves online. What is woke has become a microcosm of the culture that exists online. People have been using social media to share opinions about everything from politics to their day-to-day personal lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that this expression has started to invade the social media landscape. Unfortunately, some users are only interested in what is waking so they will use the term to bully others into deleting posts or comments that they do not agree with. In turn, this has created a problem with the businesses that wish to advertise online.

In short, what is waking has become a challenge for businesses who wish to advertise online. If a business wants to attract a large number of followers, it is important to make sure that its advertisements reflect its culture as well. Without this reference, the user may think that the advertisement is offensive due to the language that is used. On the other hand, if the user understands that what is being talked about is an accurate representation of societal norms, then the user may be more likely to act accordingly when activated by the ad. Therefore, businesses who want to promote an image that is representative of what is woke can help create an environment where social media users are encouraged to engage with their messages.