What Is the Goal of Integrated Marketing Communications


IMC is the art of using marketing communications to create a holistic brand experience.

The ultimate goal for IMC is a unified system where everything works in harmony, with no backtracking or time wasted on developing the best plan possible.

So, IMC is a marketing strategy that integrates and coordinates the various components of communicating and selling products, services or organizations.

Thus, for instance, if your company only advertises on TV and not other media like magazines or newspapers then there will be no cross-promotion between these two forms of advertising. This might not make sense from a purely “financial” perspective, but it does when considering the complete image you want your company to project. An IMC approach would allow your company’s ads in different media venues to offer complementary messages and strengthen the overall effect created by these messages. For this reason, many companies take an IMC approach because it makes sense from a purely strategic point.

The ultimate goal of Integrated Marketing Communications is to unite all aspects of marketing communications so they work together seamlessly and harmoniously. By uniting these different elements, companies can create a comprehensive message that resonates with their target audience on as many levels as possible.

The integrated approach has shown significant benefits for businesses looking to reach new customers through creative content while also maintaining the relationships they’ve built over time in order to stay top-of mind among loyal consumers.