What Is the Center of a Circle Called?


The center point of a circle is called the radius. The radius will always be found on one side of the center point, cutting it into two segments of equal parts. The segment to the right side of this point is what we usually call “the circumference.”

It’s the distance from one side of the circle to the other, and it tells you two important things about a circle.

Radius=distance from edge to the central point; Circumference= all points on line surrounding the center, touching it at each end.

The point on the circle with the shortest distance to all parts of the circumference (distance from the center). And so, it’s surrounded by an infinitude of points. In other words, there is an infinite number of points that could be considered as being at the center. But this one will always have something special about it- in terms of symmetry. This one point, for example, is at two radii from both axial points, and these delicate bitings mean that there is never a collinear equation lying on those four lines simultaneously in space.