What Is Simping


SIMP refers to what is called a partial match. In other words, it is a relationship that involves a relationship where one party is “simp” or not quite “one”. SIMP is an Internet term referring to a person who does excessive concern and sympathy toward another individual, sometimes in search of a fleeting sexual relationship. Urban Dictionary definition of a simper is “Someone who does way too much for someone they like”. It is an individual who exhibits an excess of caring, devotion, adoration, desire, or even legal tenderness which often goes beyond the normal bounds of love, but does not cross the border into infidelity or worse.

Many people do not understand what is simping because it is such a bad thing. However, I assure you that all is not lost! The key to understanding what is simping is to understand what a partial match is. A partial match is when two individuals are not so close in both attitude and personality, but are attracted to each other romantically or lustfully.

This is what is simping. To a social media addict, everything is a potential fling! For instance, I have a friend who has been married four times and now, she has two step-sisters, a brother and a step-daughter all with the same last name, but only one birthday and no interest in spending time with her husband or in being his girlfriend any longer. She calls her step-sister “fuccboi”, which means a bad combination. To me, this is what is simping.

To illustrate what is simping, let’s say you are single. You go on a date and things work well until the evening is over and you head home. Your date and his wife are not satisfied with your activities that night, they want more and you don’t know what to do. You blame yourself, you say you’re a sloppy date and go back to your ex. In reality, it was the complete opposite; the step-sister and ex were trying to create a relationship with each other, they may still be friends but you never meant to get back together with them, no matter what you thought.

To put it straight, what is simping isn’t having an affair or having multiple partners. It is ruining a relationship, whether it be a personal or social media relationship, because it destroys your self-esteem and degrades you into some low human. The next time you post on your social media page about your ex, your friends might think you’re back together with your ex-wife or ex-stepson. Now, you’ve created yet another bad thing for yourself.

How can we stop our social media profiles from destroying our self-esteem? How can we get our ex back through a social media profile? Well, you’ll have to ask yourself how and then you’ll need to answer yourself. What is simping? I’ll let you answer that question and more; what is simping?

Social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, and a few others have many uses. For example, Orkut can provide you with a means of meeting new people, getting to know new people, making new friends, learning new things, and meeting new loves. All these things are great for raising one’s self-esteem and making one’s self-esteem better.

So, what is simping? It is simply meeting and getting to know someone who has a similar taste in music, an interest in the arts, culture, movies, and more. It is meeting up with people with whom you get along well, and it is simply going on a social media site to socialize, make new friends, learn more about culture, and just enjoying life.