What Is Service Marketing?


What Is Service Marketing? This is one question that is asked often, and the answer isn’t always clear. Simply put, services marketing is an individualized branch of advertising. Prior to the twentieth century, services marketing generally involved sales of “other things” that complement or are in conjunction with the provision of goods and services. For example, a printing press company might provide booklets printed on high quality paper and with a complimentary membership card or a locksmith might provide a key for the client’s home.

Service marketing evolved as a distinct field of research in the late 1980s, after the realization that the very different characteristics of services necessitated different approaches than being applicable to the selling of physical products. The realization also became evident that traditional advertising approaches (for example, magazine advertising) tended to be ineffective for distributing information about new products to customers in a manner that effectively captured their attention. The new idea, which came to be known as the matrix model, called for a different form of advertising. Instead of publishing glossy magazines and distributing literature to customers and potential clients, service marketing firms would identify and target specific groups of individuals with whom they hoped to do business. They would then follow these clients through a series of “waves” of correspondence-or “quotas” -that would occur over a period of time, building a relationship based on a steady exchange of services for services.

What Is Service Marketing? As time went on and the matrix theory became established, service marketers began to employ a variety of approaches and tactics to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. New types of advertising, such as telemarketing and outbound calls, soon became standard equipment in most service firms’ advertising programs. New technologies, such as the Internet and email, soon began to replace the more-established forms of direct marketing, as well. Today, the field of service marketing has come a long way from its roots as a relatively recent idea.

What Is Service Marketing? Today’s service marketing programs are much different than those of just a few years ago. For starters, many of today’s strategies rely on the Internet to distribute information. These strategies, however, are still highly effective. In fact, they are often considered to be nearly as effective as more traditional forms of direct marketing, such as newspaper advertisements and television ads. For this reason, today service marketing has become an extremely important part of the business process for many companies.

What Is Service Marketing? Today’s service businesses depend on a very diverse array of communication tools to attract and retain customers and clients. Direct mail, for example, is an important tool used by many service businesses to boost sales. Interactive marketing can also be an effective means of attracting customers and establishing customer contact. Finally, demand generation methods like telemarketing and cold calling have also become common tools in attracting new customers.

What Is Service Marketing? Many service businesses rely on two main marketing techniques to expand their reach and increase revenue. These techniques include direct marketing and interactive marketing. Direct marketing is the most commonly used form of direct marketing by service companies.

What Is Service Marketing? Interactive marketing occurs when a service company provides a program that allows a potential customer to interact with a service company or other agent via the Internet. This interaction takes place through a website, typically providing contact information. For example, if a potential customer wanted to obtain more information about a particular repair shop, he or she could visit the website, look for relevant information, and contact the online service company or agent. If the potential customer was satisfied with the information provided, the service company would call or send an email to the customer after the completion of the online program to provide more information.

What Is Service Marketing? Interactivity is at the core of all marketing strategies. A service business or agent will often visit the home site of another agency or firm to provide information or to make a purchase. Many service businesses have also created interactive web sites to provide more information or to solicit new customers. Many manufacturing firms have also found great success marketing to family and friends through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp.