What Is Product Promotion?


What is product promotion? In advertising, promotion refers to some form of advertising communication employed to tell target audiences of the relative benefits of a particular product, service, idea, usually compelling in nature. Promotion may involve the use of images or words in addition to other types of visual or verbal communication to increase awareness of a product. Promotional advertising was very common in the early days when products could be promoted by word of mouth or by displaying signs and billboards. However, today electronic media is the most popular means of promoting goods and services.

Definition of Product Promotion

  • In simple marketing speak, product promotion is defined as any kind of advertising communication employed to tell potential customer of the relative merits of an item, service, concept or brand, most especially persuasive in nature.
  • Promotion involves various promotional activities like exhibitions, selling out, giving away free stuff, or sponsoring special events for the purpose of spreading the word about your products or services.

One way to promote a product is to create a commercial or public announcement of sorts that emphasizes the item being promoted. This is usually done through print media like newspapers, magazines and television commercials. In this manner, the item is being publicized as a means of drawing attention to it so that people will buy it. For example, if a manufacturer is sponsoring a national toy week tournament, there may be a television commercial and other print publicity that highlight the event.

What is product promotion? Another way to promote a product is for a business to create promotional literature featuring the item being promoted. This literature may be distributed to customers, mailed to potential customers, or handed out at trade shows. Businesses sometimes set up booths at events to demonstrate the usefulness of their products to consumers. Some companies set up booths with messages about their goods and then sell literature describing the advantages of using their merchandise. This helps to create a positive public image for the company.

What is promotional merchandise? Promotional items, such as pens, pencils, calendars, and magnets are items that are given away freely to customers or given as prizes for contests or sweepstakes. They are sometimes made especially to commemorate a company’s existence or particular achievement. Promotional merchandise can be very expensive, but it is often worth the expense because the items become part of everyday use.

What is promotional gifts? Promotional gifts are items given to customers in return for their business. These items generally include items that can be used in everyday life, but that are special in some way to promote the business. Items may be given as thank you gifts for visiting a company, or they might be promotional items given to customers in a shopping mall. These kinds of gifts often come with a promise that the customer will refer your business to others.

What is non-promotional advertising? The less expensive forms of promotion are usually done by word of mouth. Businesses sometimes send coupons and brochures to customers, or postcards to homes. Other forms of non-promotional advertising can include sponsoring an event, providing information about a local business, or providing discounts on products or services to customers. Non-promotion costs less than promotion costs.

What is product promotion done on the Internet? Online product promotions are an important part of many businesses’ marketing efforts. By using online resources, you can reach a large audience without spending a great deal of money on your marketing efforts. Many companies provide visitors to their websites with free products or information. Other companies offer money off purchases or raffles for referrals.

What is product promotion done offline? In most cases, this is done at events such as conventions or trade shows. A company will set up booths offering samples or information about a new product. They might also have promotional t-shirts, hats, bags, or other items for sale to visitors. All of these strategies can help a business increase its sales.