What Is Objective


In business ethics, what is objective essentially boils down to honesty. If your objective in business is to earn a profit, then you cannot be subjective in business. You have to state the facts without allowing yourself to be affected by what is best for you and your business. If what is good for you is called ‘bullsh-t’ in corporate circles, it may be because that is what the people there think is best. But in business, the bottom line is profitability, and it is not about following someone’s ‘opinion’, even if they are paid to do so!

In ethics, objectivity is simply the idea of ‘the truth’. A proposition is said to have absolute truth if its truth conditions are fulfilled without reliance on an external source. A fact or an event cannot be both true and false, just as a fact cannot be both true and not-true. Scientific objectivity regards the ability to measure and/or evaluate something with no external influence or subjective human opinion being involved.

What is objective in business ethics then? It is honesty. No company can be truly objective, as they will always have one or two aspects that will always affect the way they work and the decisions they make. So it is important not to look at these aspects as separate facets of the company but as aspects of a whole. The company’s objective should always be to make a profit, and they should not be caught up in things like social responsibility. This will only distract them and prevent them from delivering quality goods and services.

To sum up, business ethics imply that a company cannot be both what is objective and what is personal. A company cannot be both social responsibility-oriented and objective-oriented, for example. What is objective in business ethics is honesty.

What is objective in business ethics, then is a company that is strictly honest in its day-to-day activities and in the processes that it undertakes and determines how those activities and processes affect the customer. If this is achieved then the company has achieved ethical business behavior, and its actions and its results are what is good for the company. For example, if a company uses social media tools to promote its product, the promotional efforts would then be what is good for the company. However, if the company were to use the social media tools in a deceitful manner such as sending spam emails or promoting products falsely through ‘viral’ methods then the actions would be considered not to be ethical by any reasonable person.

What is objective then for a good company? It is honesty. A good company is one that operates in a consistent manner of providing honest services and products to its customers and by doing so the customers can have confidence in the reliability of the company. A good company is one that treats its employees well. If it does not treat its employees well, then that could also lead to bad karma in the future and therefore is not good.

What is objective then for a business? In fact, for any business to be considered good or better than others, then it must achieve measurable objectives. What is measurable then? Things like profit margins. This is important because profitability is what drives quality, and in turn, the quality of products and services.

What is objective then for a company? It is called good taste. A company that markets itself as a brand name can do so without being blatantly unethical. A company that advertises itself as family owned and operated can do so only if it adheres to moral standards. What is good taste then for a company?