What Is Native Content


Native advertising is a kind of marketing that suits the nature and function of the particular platform on which it appears. In most instances it acts like an advertisement and displays as an opinion piece, video or written article. Native advertising usually appears on the side bar of a web browser or as a snippet at the end of web pages. It can also appear in email messages and on social media sharing sites.

The term native means the content has been built and optimized to appear specifically on a particular browser platform. For example, if you were searching for an iPhone, you would not see a list of browsers on the iPhone home screen, but only the native iPhone. Similarly, content that is built for the Chrome browser on Windows will not appear on the Apple iPhone, nor will content be displayed on the Google Android platform. However, content that is designed for the Firefox browser on Linux operating systems can appear on the iPhone as well. Therefore, the content for the purposes of appearing on all platforms may be native. But content specific to any one web browser or server script may be referred to as native.

There are many advantages to using native ads, both from a search engine and a user perspective. Because it is built into the web browser or server script, what is native content does not need to be rewritten or converted before being seen by a user. This means that what is native content is guaranteed to be easy to find and easy to load. Native ads also share the same code as the website they are responding to.

What is native content is also likely to be more relevant. When the user types in a search term, what is native content may pop up because that is what the user was looking for. However, what is native content does not have to be identical to what the user is expecting to see. Because what is native content is already set up the way it appears, it is often far more relevant than what is most readily available. Therefore, what is native content is more likely to result in a higher ranking for a website.

The biggest advantage to what is native content on the iPhone is the wide range of applications that can be used for it. This is because applications that are designed for the iPhone can easily be adapted for use on the iPhone. Therefore, users do not have to switch platforms when trying to access specific types of content.

Another advantage to what is native content on the iPhone is the large functionality that it provides. When an iPhone user wants to look up a phone number, the home screen will appear with a search box. If that search term is “cell phone directory” then that search will return a list of the major cell phone directories as well as other smaller directories, such as those for hotels, restaurants and so on. However, many of these websites were designed and developed specifically for the iPhone, making them compatible. Therefore, what is native is the content on the iPhone that are optimized for the platform, rather than the website being targeted for some other platform.

There are many other advantages to what is native as well. For example, if a website contains Flash-based elements, then these will work seamlessly with the native format. Also, since all images are native, Flash-based elements will also work. And native content is also written differently, which means that it will read and behave differently from Flash-based content. In fact, many of the design rules of Flash are ignored during development, which can mean a cleaner, more maintainable website. Some even suggest that Flash can actually cause a slower website to load, since Flash codes tend to be very large and can take a while to load when they are first inserted into the page.

Another huge advantage to what is native content is that it is SEO friendly. This is especially true for websites that contain text, as the text can be translated over the site and are therefore able to index in search engines. In addition, Flash-based elements can include animation, which is another feature that can lead to greater SEO opportunities.