What Is Nasa’s Budget


NASA has a long history as one of America’s leading space programs. The reason for this history is NASA’s vision to send people to explore space and find ways to live and work in outer space. It was formed by a man named James Wright piloted the first flight to prove the theory that space travel could be successful.

Since that time NASA has been very strict with the way it spends its money. It is required by law to budget for space research and to give each and every program some kind of a project award. Its budget, like that of every other government department, is set forth in the United States Presidents’ Budget. The reason for such strict requirements and budgets is not only to ensure the nation that federal money is being spent wisely, but also that our country is keeping watch over what is going on in space and on space equipment.

The reason NASA wants to monitor and record space activity is to ensure that the federal government is meeting the space research needs. Without doing this the national space program would be ineffective and could easily fall by the wayside. There are two main types of programs that are funded in the budget; aerospace and science. A good example of an aerospace program is the NASA space shuttle program. This program costs approximately ten billion dollars a year, but the reason it costs so much is because it is very versatile and can be used for many different kinds of programs.

Science is what is NASA’s budget. There are hundreds of different programs in the budget for research into space and astronomy. Two of the biggest programs are the Space Telescopes and the infrared telescopes. Both of these programs are dedicated to discovering new worlds and finding out about our solar system and the universe. Both of these programs are essential for NASA as they each contribute greatly to mankind’s space exploration goals.

Although NASA has several huge and important programs in its budget, the agency also has several smaller satellites and exploration programs. Many of the smaller satellites are used for research and technical purposes only. If one of these programs was to suddenly cease, then NASA would lose a great deal of its research ability. The two largest programs are the space station and the space shuttle program.

Every year NASA must determine what are NASA’s budget for that year and plan accordingly. Without knowing what is NASA’s budget the agency would find itself running out of money before the year was over. Part of the budget is used to pay the operating expenses for the space station and for the space shuttle program. Most of this station is paid for by international funding, but the space shuttle program is partially funded by American tax dollars.

Each time NASA gets a budget request, they will evaluate what are NASA’s budget and go from there. It is not unusual for a program to be continued over a number of years. In some cases a program may be continued for more than one administration. The government generally implements all the changes that are suggested in the budget proposals of their agencies. The process is generally very involved and the amount of time it takes can be lengthy.

For those who want a brief description of what is NASA’s budget you can go to the NASA website and see the actual budget request. You can also view the requirements (and the qualifications) for various programs and see what is NASA’s budget request. Once you understand the budget request, you can start to put together a proposal for NASA. There is a lot of work and thought that goes into a budget. In order to have a successful proposal NASA needs to know what are NASA’s budget and then put together a plan that will effectively implement that budget.