What Is Mentor


Mentorship is nothing but the informal influence, advise, or leadership given by a senior person to a new joined or existing member. In an organizational setting, a single mentor influences a mentee’s professional and personal development. This informal influence is known as mentor-apprentice relationship in which a junior colleague impart knowledge or guidance to a novice on matters relating to his field.

The concept of mentor-apprentice relationship arose from the recognition that knowledge is power. Thus, the need for a person to have adequate knowledge to help him attain a position in an organization or a company. Thus, the need was created for some body or persons to impart the knowledge or skills to these new joined persons and this is exactly what the term ‘mentor’ was evolved for.

A person who possesses the quality of being a good listener and is able to understand the needs of other can be called as a good mentor. What is more important is that he is not only a teacher but also a kind of guide that could help a newcomer to get through the obstacles that he encounters. However, there is more to mentor than just teaching. Here are the different types of mentor in human behavior.

The first is the mother mentor or the older sister. Sometimes it happens that when one is at the point of finding out about the right path of career, he realizes that his elder sister is the one responsible for his success. In such a situation, the sister will help the aspirant in choosing the best path according to his strengths. Sometimes the brother will also play the role of the mentor but this is not very common.

The second type of mentor is the mentor trainer. This is the type of mentor who provides training in specific areas, like a sport person may be trained on the proper way to train for an upcoming competition. There are also instances that a doctor may be trained on how to take care of patients. A person may be gifted with special knowledge but not have the capability to share this knowledge with others. In such cases, he or she would require mentorship from somebody who already posses the same knowledge and is willing to impart it to others.

The third type is the mentor who helps to create an open communication channel between the student and the teacher. This would help both the parties to learn something new from the other without being overburdened with their own ideas and thoughts. This would also help the student to understand the necessary skills which would be required for attaining a particular level in a particular field. This also enables the student to develop an open mind, which is essential to solve unexpected problems.

The last type of what is a mentor is the executive mentor. This is a kind of role which can be played by both men and women in different circumstances. The most common example of an executive mentor would be the corporate manager. Other people who may be considered as executive mentors would include politicians, royalty, religious leaders, authors, business owners and celebrities.

What is a role as a mentor entails much more than just giving knowledge. It is a process of creating mentorship, which involves the three steps mentioned earlier. When a person is looking for a role as a mentor, he or she should look for someone who has similar values as himself. This way, the two personalities will be able to complement each other and work hand in hand to achieve the overall goal.