What is Knowledge Management


What is Knowledge management? Knowledge management is the process of generating, utilizing, utilising and maintaining the information and knowledge of an organisation. It refers to a multi-disciplinary approach to reach organisational goals by making best use of available knowledge. Knowledge management is a dynamic process that evolves with time. The aim is to make the most of the available information to improve knowledge delivery and improve decision making.

What is Knowledge management systems? Knowledge management systems are customized information technology infrastructures that facilitate knowledge access and sharing in specific tasks or assignments. They include information technology infrastructures like ERP, desktop, web and software applications that are necessary to gather, manage and deliver knowledge from diverse sources. These knowledge management systems are designed for the specific needs of a specific organisation. Experts who specialize in knowledge management systems define it as a process for obtaining and marshalling the complex distributed information of an organisation in a useful way.

What is Knowledge Management? The essence of knowledge management is to diffuse the complexity of distributed information and to facilitate the sharing of ideas and knowledge by the different users in a discipline. Knowledge in a clear form is meant to be communicated to all concerned. This facilitates knowledge transfer and helps to build consensus. On the basis of agreed knowledge, action can be taken in diverse fields like business, health care and social services etc.

What is Knowledge management example? Let us take a social services expert in diabetes care. If he could collect all the information about the diabetic patients in his area and then share this information through a web site, he would have a rich source of data to work upon. But if he were to collect all the knowledge from all the professionals in diabetes care in his area, it would take him a lot of time and a great deal of effort. Also, if he used all the existing resources of all the professionals in his area, he would have a rather problematic time because all his efforts would go waste.

Hence, the experts can store all the information regarding diabetes management processes on the World Wide Web. Any doctor who has made use of such knowledge management systems can look for the latest medical journals and can access all this data from the comfort of his own desk. He can even access his own file when he wants to. In this way, the social service expert is able to quickly and easily gather all the required information from all the various professionals across the country, while sitting at his desk.

What is a good solution? Many organisations are adopting such knowledge management systems nowadays. Some of them are providing knowledge management systems to their clients, so that they can make better use of the online resources available on the web. This way, the organizations can get to know about all new innovations and the latest in medical science, without having to visit their offices physically. Organizations are also able to save on the money that they would have required to have spent on travelling all over the country for meetings and conferences.

Can you imagine any kind of business process without any form of information flow? How will you conduct a sales exercise or how will you collect information from a customer without keeping a record of the entire transaction? All these functions can be well organised with the help of a computer network and you can be sure that the entire knowledge management process will have taken place smoothly without your having to spend even a single cent out of pocket on the World Wide Web.

It does not matter whether the professionals are working from their desk or are away on an official duty. What is important is that the entire process will be managed efficiently and effectively. You can use the internet for all your research work and even carry out the analysis yourself. You can make use of the web cams to view the process right from your office and if you need any further information then you can always get in touch with the experts. This is exactly what is knowledge management all about.