What Is Judge?


What is a judge? A judge is someone who rules over court proceedings, usually as part of a court of law, either by himself or as part of a jury of three judges. The judges perform the same functions as magistrates or other qualified lawyers, the difference being that they are elected and removable at the will of the public through election. The role and power of the judge to vary greatly across different jurisdictions, but is assumed to perform the fundamental role of deciding which cases will be heard and which will not. The decisions of the judge are final.

What is a plea bargain? A plea bargain is a situation where the defendant offers to reduce the charges against him/her to something far less than their actual charge. This is usually done in exchange for the possibility of going free so as to give time for the case to be heard. plea bargain generally happens when a defendant realizes that he/she would be unable to stand in court on the strength of the evidence against him/her, or simply wants to avoid the long drawn out and expensive trials.

What is an attorney? An attorney is any lawyer who practices law, but is not a judge. All attorneys are allowed to give legal advice to clients, but are not legally allowed to enter a courtroom and give judgments. An attorney is only allowed to argue on behalf of his/her client before a judge, but is not permitted to give any legal guidance.

What is a judge? A judge is any officer who exercises the authority conferred upon him by law. Judicial proceedings usually involve three types of officers: magistrates, peers, and attorneys. Magistrates are the lowest ranked court official in a country. He is the head of the court and is responsible for the management of the courthouse.

What is an attorney? An attorney is any lawyer who practices law but is not a court official. He is an expert in the field of law and is allowed to give legal advice to clients. He is not allowed to enter a courtroom, however, and is under no obligation to take an action against the accused. If an attorney is representing two different clients then he is obliged to disclose which client is being charged with and what is the status of the other client. However, he cannot advise the latter about any law.

What is a plea bargain? A plea bargain is a condition of law whereby a guilty plea is entered into between two lawyers. The accused pleads guilty to the charges on which he/she is being tried. The accused and the attorneys agree on the amount of punishment to be awarded. The court then agrees to this and the case is heard.

What is a bench trial? A bench trial is a trial that is held in the court room. The court consists of a judge, a clerk, a reporter, an attorney and other members. The attorney is present for all proceedings and can advise his client. The jury is usually chosen by the judge who makes a recommendation.

What is a jury? A jury is a group of persons who are asked to deliberate on the facts and issues in a case. This is done by the judge who reads out the charges in open court. jurors must then deliberate on whether or not the charge is valid. Juries must be unanimous in their decision to find the defendant guilty or not guilty.