What Is Imperialism


What is Imperialism? It is nothing but the practice of using force to promote policies of empire over lands where the imperial power has no authority. Imperialism stems from ‘cosmopolitanism’, the conviction that the world is home to a variety of cultures, traditions and views. For some, the concept of empire goes beyond this. It includes a belief that the practices and values of one nation should be imposed on others, even if these nations do not share the same civilization or ethnic background. This is what is called ‘cultural Imperialism’.

Imperialism has many variants, but the main idea is the same. Imperialism is the doctrine or policy of extending political, economic and social privilege, often via the use of force, to others, often through the use of soft power, particularly military force, but in addition, sometimes through the use of hard power, usually military, but sometimes also political power. This policy is used to benefit a country at the expense of others, and often results in severe economic, cultural and social degradation. Imperialism therefore, can be considered as the process of setting up an unending series of crushing defeats and human rights abuses against those it claims to ‘serve’ and its main aim is to crush resistance to capitalism.

The driving force behind this process is the conviction that capitalism is inherently unjust, because it tends to favor the interests of the rich over those of the working class and to exploit natural resources at the expense of the working class. It is also believed that socialism, as an alternative to capitalism, will fail and provide an alternative to the increasing cruelty and exploitation of capitalism. Thus, the drive to extend the supremacy of the capitalists over all other forms of organisation and society and ultimately to establish a one-sided socialist state, replacing the former state with a nationalised monopoly based upon the exploitation of natural resources, destroying any meaningful social relations and leading to social dislocation and social chaos. Thus, what is imperialism is the ideology that justify the wars, represses opposition and allows for massive crimes against humanity, because it purports to justify the interests of the working class as against those of the ruling class.

What is Fascism? Far-right parties, which represent the interests of the working class and oppose any extension of state power, are often described as Fascists. However, what is Fascism is the ideology that justifies the killing of innocent civilians, the invasion of other states, the theft of their resources and the brutal exploitation of natural resources at the expense of the working class. What is Fascism is an ideology that believes in the consolidation of power through violence and the racial hatred that often accompanies such expansionist policies. What is Fascism, therefore, is not a political theory or a social philosophy, but are the ideology that justify war, the mass murder of civilians, the deportation of whole communities and the ruthless exploitation of natural resources.

What is Communism? Communism, which conceives of a classless, stateless society, is considered by some to be a failed social theory that has failed to accomplish its goals. On the other hand, what is communism, is the ideology that justifies the theft of resources from the First World countries and the forced expropriation of the working class in the Third World countries in order to establish a “workers’ state” in those countries. What is Communism, then, is the theory that all people are equal and that capitalism is bad and must be changed.

What is Imperialism? Imperialism, according to some experts, is nothing more than the application of force in pursuit of political aims through proxy groups. For instance, what is Imperialism is the state ideology that justifies the mass killing of civilians in wartime as part of the “greater good.” What is Imperialism, is finance capital.

What is Antisemitism? Antisemitism, according to some experts, is the romanticization of the white power structure of the third world as an expression of white superiority and as a breeding ground for advanced civilization. What is Antisemitism then, is the ideology that justifies the extermination of other races in favor of the Aryan race.

What are Imperialism and what is Antisemitism? These questions should help us come to a better understanding of contemporary world politics and what it means to be a capitalist. Imperialism is the driving force behind racism, what is slavery, and what is war. What is Antisemitism then, is the ideology that denies the existence of other races in favor of the Aryan race. The question of what is imperialism and what is Antisemitism can only be answered by understanding the reality of capitalism today.