What Is Fire Exit?


Fire exit means exiting a building in the event of a fire. Freight elevators may not always be operational, so it is important to know where all your options are for escaping the building safely.

A fire exit is the method of departure to be used in the event of a fire. The need for such exits arises because when a fire occurs, visibility becomes limited. Fire exits help people avoid injury and death by providing routes away from the outbreak. Such “exit styles” include stairways and horizontal evacuation slides (located on either side of an elevated door). Other features found in buildings today are automatic doors with heat sensors, which open automatically if there isn’t anyone inside; these are excellent devices that close a building off at night to provide safety after hours.

Exit routes should never operate exclusively between floors or from one room into another; they must lead out of an enclosure and an open space with its aisle-way or stairway leading away from the section. Ideally, these exits will consist of two parts, one door and one gate, which opens wide enough that people can pass through without difficulty and ensure that any impediments on the stairs.