What Is Digital Sales?


What is digital sales? It is the use of email to generate sales leads for a company. These digital sales leads are created through email marketing campaigns from a sales force consisting of an account executive and a qualified customer service rep. What is nice about this form of sales lead generation is the ability to track all messages and view all activity including clicks on links, registration approvals, and sales responses.

What is digital sales lead generation?

This type of marketing is a time-saving alternative for a number of small and medium-sized businesses. For example, a large corporation may have hundreds of employees. By using an email based sales lead tracking system, the company can handle all its employees’ sales inquiries from the comfort of their respective offices. There are many benefits that come with using digital sales lead management, such as:

What is digital sales lead generation good for?

When you use email to create your sales leads, the process reduces the amount of time you spend interacting with prospects and ensures that each lead is treated with urgency and importance. By allowing sales reps and account executives to spend more time explaining the benefits of the products and services that they are selling, more individuals will be receptive to the messages. You also have the luxury of measuring the results from the email campaigns in real time.

What are digital faxing and email faxing?

Faxing and email faxes are methods that allow sales representatives to send information to potential customers through the use of electronic transmission. These methods work much like traditional letters but are sent over the Internet and contain data that has been converted into an electronic format. In addition, both faxes and emails contain a signature file which ensures that only the intended recipient received the message.

What is digital sales lead generation good for?

Using email and faxing to create and distribute sales lead information allows representatives to focus their time and attention on the lead rather than the other activities that are required when a traditional letter is sent out. By reducing the amount of time that representatives must spend entertaining or responding to phone calls, digital sales channels allow you to allocate your time to those tasks that will generate more business. Additionally, by allowing sales representatives to access customer databases, CRM, and other information regarding previous clients, you can better position your company within the market.

What is digital radio advertising good for?

Digital radio advertising is a form of digital sales lead generation that is becoming more popular every day. This method provides representatives with a way to advertise their product line directly to consumers without spending hours upon hours on the phone or driving to company locations. With this type of advertising, you will be able to instantly target consumers who are most likely to be interested in your product line. For instance, if you sell tires and you want to target truck drivers in the Texas area, you would search for keywords related to that subject and include those words in your digital radio ads.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage, also known as dreens, allow a business owner to display dynamic messages and images onto a virtual wall-mounted screen. The images may appear in full color, may include animation, or be a static line drawing. Either way, it is a great way to deliver messages to customers quickly and easily. The advantage to digital signage over more traditional methods of advertising is that it is much cheaper per message. Furthermore, a large number of customers are typically viewing the digital signage at one time, increasing the chance that the message will be recognized and reactivated.

So what is digital sales lead generation? While these three examples are very tangible examples of what is digital sales lead generation, the industry at large is filled with dozens of different opportunities. In fact, the next few months and years will likely see hundreds of new digital marketing trends emerge. Keep your eyes open for emerging trends in this fast-paced field!