What Is Customer Service Department


A customer service department can be a lonely place. Most of the time, there is no one to be seen in such a department. When a company does something that affects the service department of its company, there will usually be very few people to speak up for their company. What is this doing to the company? How is it impacting the business? What is it costing the company in terms of lost productivity and profits?

There are many different reasons that a customer service department might be completely empty. First, the client might not be renewing its contract with the company, so the business is in danger of losing business. Some clients are canceling contracts because they do not want to work with a company that is gone after. Other customers are moving companies for different reasons.

Second, the customer service department might be full due to employee firings or vacations. The company does not know how many employees are affected, so it cannot give an accurate count. Employees do not always take a vacation, so they are not coming into work every day. If there is not enough vacation time, then the company’s ability to give the customer service of the support that it needs is severely limited.

Third, the customer service department might be completely empty because the company does not exist. Often, a business will put a great deal of time and money into advertising, marketing, public relations, and meeting all the requirements of government regulations, but they may not have the staff to handle all of the calls. If the business does not exist, the customer is going to get the same terrible service that they get now. If customers cannot get through to a live person, then they will go somewhere else for help.

Fourth, the customer service department might be completely understaffed because there just isn’t anyone there to do the work. When there is not one person on the phone telling them to call back or sending them email, then they will feel like the customer service department does not care. If this happens often, customers will eventually stop calling all together. Customers do not like to feel treated like crap when they call a company for help.

Fifth, the customer service that is given is usually below par. Many times, the calls are not answered by a live person, and when they do answer they usually talk down to the caller or use some kind of automated system. This makes the customer think that the company is not very concerned about the quality of its service. Many times the calls are also unanswered when the customer returns. Other times, the customer will hear nothing for twenty minutes or more while the representative is in another room working. This is a clear indication that the company does not care about the customer.

Sixth, the customer service department should have enough representatives to handle all of the calls that come in. If there is only one person available to answer the phone and take orders, then there will never be any customer service. There has to be enough personnel to handle calls, process orders, and return calls. Some companies do not have enough representatives, and this is a sure sign that the company does not care about its customers.

Seventh, the customer has to like the company. Too many companies sell products or services that people do not really want or need. The customer should have an easy time choosing the product or service that he wants, and he should be able to order it from the customer service department online without any problems at all. If this cannot be accomplished, then the customer should send a different company to work on his order. It is impossible to have a good customer service department if customers are not happy with the products and services that the company provides.