What Is Content Spinning?


What is content spinning? Content spinning is an evolving article writing method used in various applications, and search engine optimization, that create what seems to be completely new content out of what really exists. For example: You have a blog, or website, that is not receiving much traffic. You may ask yourself “Why is my blog not getting much traffic?”

Your first answer might be “I don’t have much content, yet.” Now, you could write an article about that, but it would not be original, as it would already be on the Internet. Someone else could write an article about it and submit it to one of those article directories, with your byline and link intact. And that is what happens next. The new article will show up on several article directories, where it has the same basic link and byline as yours, but with a different title, with a different author name, and a different bio. It has been spun!

It sounds fishy, doesn’t it? Not really, because the original author gets credit for his work, and all the directories still end up awarding you with credit for the spin. But that’s what happens when spun content becomes popular. That is when you need to find another method of spinning your original content. There are many software tools available to help you do this, but there are also more important things to consider.

How original is my content? If you spin content, you are actually creating something new, but if it is truly original, how can it appear on the search engines? Spinning is not the same as branding. If you rebrand someone’s product, you might end up getting some credit for their creation, but what you do with that credit is up to you. The main thing to remember is that any time you create original content, you should do so in your own name. This way, you can claim full credit as the real creator.

What is Spinning about? Spinning is very simple, and there are no real secrets. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that your website contains relevant and fresh content on a regular basis. By doing this, you can make sure that the search engines recognize your pages as being updated and fresh, therefore making them eligible for listing in the search results. Simply by adding new pages to your site, the search engines will begin to recognize your pages as those belonging to the company, and thus will give them a higher ranking.

This is all well and good, but how do you get spun content approved by the search engines? When you’re spinning your own content, you should make sure that your pages are all unique to one another, but at the same time very similar in content. What you want to look for is keyword overlaps. If you do find keyword overlaps, then you should immediately remove the duplicated keywords and put in your own keywords into your new spun content.

How do I create my own spun content? Once you have your own pages up and running, you can hire a company or individual to spin your content for you. However, this method is more suited for those who have a little more experience in SEO. You would be paying an individual or company to write the articles, which would be then inserted into the various search engines. This is much less costly than hiring a company to do it for you.

Do you know what is content spinning? If not, then you should start educating yourself as to the different methods of search engine optimization and how they work. It is an important topic and deserves your attention. Spinning is very simple and can be extremely effective if you utilize it properly. With the new updates coming out constantly by Google and Yahoo, don’t be left behind and start creating some of your own spun content.