What Is Conference Call


What is a conference call? How does it work? These are just some of the questions that come into your mind when you hear the words’ conference call. Conference calling can be described as a phone call, where at least one person calls many people at the same time with different topics. The conference call can be made to enable the called parties to participate in the call or setup a way that the called parties only listen to the call and are not able to communicate with other people during the conference call.

In the business sector, there is a great demand for conference call recording services. In the corporate sector, there are many meetings that take place between the managers and their teams. These conferences can be recorded to enable the managers to have a record of all the meetings that take place in the organisation. The use of conference calling services is vital for organisations, as it provides record-breaking feature when it comes to communication.

There are various methods through which you can make use of conference calling services such as: using the microphone or a web cam, using your personal computer as the microphone, using the Premium Features of Microsoft Office software such as Power Point, Excel, Skype and much more. There are different conference call recording software and services that are available on different websites. Some of the well known software and services include: azure conference calling, Comcast conferencing, free conferencing, web to web conferencing, and others. All these services and software are based on the Microsoft Office products such as: Microsoft Office Live, Microsoft Office Messenger, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Sharepoint, and others.

You should be aware of the fact that there may be various security problems that are related to the usage of a Secure Conferencing service and therefore you should be very careful while selecting the conference line that you use. You should ensure that you opt for a Secure Conferencing service which is provided by a well known and reliable company. Once you are through with this task, then you should go ahead and enter the pin number that is provided on the Secure Conferencing support site. This will allow you to connect to the Secure Conferencing service without any hassles.

It is actually observed that the employees working in different departments are seldom in touch with each other. They keep communicating through their personal phones. Now this is not possible in the case of Secure Conferencing. The presence of the video-webcam and voice-over IP makes it possible for the participants to see each other and hear the speaker. Thus, with the help of these features, sara atteby, who was supposed to be far away from her colleagues, can now participate in the online discussion and get to know about the work going on in the department.

There are many companies that provide secure Conferencing services at extremely affordable prices. However, if one wants to enjoy uninterrupted usage, then one should select a premium features enabled conference calling plan. Once you are through with selecting the plan, you should go ahead and enter the one-time access code of the participant. As the number of participants is fixed, the system will automatically dial the specified number of numbers after enrolling the user.

With Secure Conferencing, there is no need to provide an IP address, because the system uses the common dial-in number. However, this does not imply that a Secure Conferencing call can be made even with an unconnected phone. All the participants need to have a secured Internet connection. After entering the access code, the video-webcam will start recording, and the audio and video chat will start automatically. In order to have a secure Conferencing session, it is advisable to use premium features enabled plans.

If you are going to hold a conference call for more than 2 participants, then you can connect the participants using a toll free or local number, and each of them can dial in to the conference by entering their unique access code. It also offers the facility of connecting more than one callers to the same conversation. Premium conference calling offers a number of benefits, such as: multiple callers can connect to the same conversation, multiple participants can dial into the same conversation, the host can enter text into text boxes, and there are many other features. There are certain simple steps that one needs to follow to enable secure conferencing. All you need to do is: download the software, and install it on to your computer. And then, just log in to the secure conferencing service, and you are ready to start making the conference calls.