What Is Beyond Budgeting


One of the most frequently asked questions from an individual or business owner concerning budgeting is what is beyond budgeting. Beyond budgeting, there are a variety of issues that can come up and cause budgeting to fall behind. The most common are uncontrollable expenses that may occur out of the blue. These expenses may be unexpected and difficult to anticipate, but for budgeting purposes they are still considered unplanned. As you go through your budget making adjustments you are being forced to think about what is beyond your ability to pay.

What is beyond budgeting then? Any expense that is not considered when planning the budget will eventually force it to fall below the amount planned. When this happens, the budget becomes difficult to maintain because the necessary funds are no longer available. Beyond budgeting is really just a question of when you start experiencing problems with your budget.

Beyond budgeting is when you start getting calls from creditors and collection agencies informing you that you are behind on your bills or have not made your payments in a while. When this happens it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the budget you have created and continue to live within it. It is at this point that what is beyond budgeting may become real and problematic.

What is beyond budgeting when it comes to debt is the issue of credit card debt. The average American has multiple credit cards with balances that exceed their combined income. Most of these individuals either do not know what is beyond the budgets or do not have the means to effectively manage the debt that they have accumulated. At this point it would be extremely difficult to get out of debt without the help of professional debt relief assistance.

One of the reasons that credit card companies are in business is to provide consumers with convenient ways to pay for items. With the ever increasing number of transactions performed online it has become more difficult for consumers to remember to make a payment on time every month. Most Americans carry at least one credit card. Some even carry two or more.

When consumers are unable to make payments on time the result is late fees, negative reporting to the credit bureaus, and in some cases legal action. If you have several credit cards and they are all charged with identical interest rates and monthly payments, it is very easy to see how things can quickly become unmanageable. At this point what is beyond budgeting becomes very apparent.

What is beyond budgeting when it comes to debt is personal bankruptcy. While it is true that the vast majority of people who file bankruptcy are not actually behind on any of their debts, what is beyond budgeting is the stigma that is associated with filing for bankruptcy. People are afraid to admit that they can’t pay their bills, they are ashamed of having to go through this process, and they don’t really understand what will happen to their credit report. Bankruptcy should only be used as a last resort when there are no other options available.

Beyond budgeting is your credit card bill. It is a good idea to budget your spending but if you have multiple credit cards and you are not disciplined about making payments on time each month then all your hard work will simply go to waste. Debt management companies help consumers negotiate lower interest rates on credit card debts, eliminate late fees and penalties, and manage overall debt payments so that it is affordable and possible for a consumer to make the minimum monthly payments. The sooner a consumer steps into debt management the better off they will be, because it is usually faster and easier than going through traditional methods of budgeting and debt management.