What Is Avoidance?


What is avoidance? It is a way of life. We are always concerned with what we “don’t” do, as if these things could possibly be wrong. Sometimes, however, we can’t avoid doing something that will increase our level of stress, or our feelings of urgency to do something. What is avoidance? Avoidance is a deliberate act of tying down ourselves to avoid certain aspects of life.

The question then becomes, “Why is this good?” The answer is that it is necessary for us to be able to cope with the constant flow of emotions that are part and parcel of life. We can’t avoid them all, but we can certainly limit them.

What is avoidance then? It’s the ability to separate our feelings of urgency from the situations that make us scared. It’s the ability to focus on the present, on the here and now. Rather than being obsessed with avoiding pain or discomfort, it’s about being in the here and now.

So how do you use it? First, recognize that feeling anything is a choice. If it feels good, embrace it. If it feels bad, then try to avoid it. Avoidance is a choice, which makes it very powerful.

Second, realize that nothing ever hurts more than what we fear. So, even when there is an uncomfortable feeling, try to embrace it and move through it. Instead of comparing it to something we fear or think we dread, try to compare it to the experience of joy.

Third, take your good feelings and turn them into good actions. When you feel good, do something. When you feel bad, do something else.

By practicing avoidance, we limit ourselves. It is our idea of who we are, and it is boundless. If we avoid doing certain things, we become in danger of not living our lives to the fullest. When we know that avoiding certain things could possibly bring us grief, we often give ourselves permission to not do those things.

The core of all this is about being aware of your intentions, which are always motivated by your true self. We must be willing to say no to things that don’t serve our goals and dreams. By using the law of attraction, we let go of unwanted people, places, things, thoughts and feelings. With this understanding, we have a great opportunity to be the person we want to be. It is our choice, but with the law of attraction, all we need to do is focus on attracting the things that will benefit us.

So what does this have to do with what is avoidance? Avoidance basically prevents you from taking the action that you need to take. When we avoid, we don’t do anything. The only thing we do is complain and wallow in our misery. Yet, if we were to act, then we would be taking action. We could learn how to prosper in this world by simply refusing to be distracted by the things that keep us from reaching our goals.

What is avoidance is also about being content with what is, without trying to change it. What is the world coming to? What is going to happen next week or the next month? What can we expect for the next two or three years?

We have a great opportunity to start building a better world for ourselves. Instead of avoiding the things that are preventing us from reaching our goals and dreams, what would you do with that? What would you do today to improve the state of your life? What would you do tomorrow to improve the condition of your future? That is the power of change. If we resist doing the things that will help us reach our goals, then we will miss the opportunity to do the right thing.

What is avoidance really about? It is an attitude that says that I don’t want to do the things that will make me happy. What is your happiness even without doing those things? If you don’t know what your answer is, ask someone else what their definition of happiness is and compare that answer to your own.

What is avoidance telling us? That is not a definition. It is a habit. It is saying that we should live a life of mediocrity, without doing the things that will bring us joy. We are missing an excellent opportunity to live a life of meaning, while avoiding the things that will lead to greatness.