What Is Advocation?


What is advocation? Advocation is the act of declaring your good intention in your life. For some, it is an act of renaming their future, creating a vision of what their lives could be like after the affairs they’ve encountered. For others, it is the constant search for meaning and purpose in life that sometimes become a cause of depression.

For some, it comes with a declaration of faith in a higher power. They may pray or invoke a higher power to help them achieve their goals. Others believe it comes from a commitment to a course of action, whether it is spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, or sexually. Regardless of belief, it is a declaration of purpose, a calling, and oftentimes a call to action.

What is this purpose, calling, or calling to action? It is the desire of the heart to be brought to some higher level of manifestation. When the heart is connected to the universal source of life, everything is possible. When one is sincere about what they desire in life, it is possible to manifest all that they want.

What is advocating done on a practical level? Practical purpose calls for action. The heart chooses to take the path of least resistance. It may not seem like it is doing anything, but when the heart desires something, it gets done. What is good about this fact is that regardless of what is being manifested, the good will eventually manifest in some way, shape, or form.

What is advocating for the spiritual practitioner? With the heart, there is no saying “no” to any request for help. This is because the world is always filled with requests for divine intervention. Every situation is a chance for the Holy Spirit to show his or her face. What is important is that the requests are answered in the spirit and with wisdom.

What is advocation when it comes to a situation that may not be as simple-minded as many people think? What is important is that it gets done. What is significant about this part of life is that sometimes, it requires an act of will to make things happen. Therefore, even if there is no such thing as a will power, it is still possible to go through life with a clear mind.

What is advocation for you? First, know that you are loved. You are important and you have the love of your life. This knowledge is the cornerstone of what is advocating.

What is advocation for me? You know you are loved when someone says, “I’m so glad you came.” You know you are important when you hear, “You’re a good boy/girl.” And finally, you know you are successful when someone says, “You have what it takes.” What is advocation for you?

To survive and thrive in this life is to constantly find ways to grow, expand, and improve. We all know it is very difficult to do this but we can be inspired. It is also vital to understand that you need to be good at everything you do. If you aren’t doing something well, learn more about it.

Success is not a gift that can be easily obtained. It is earned. It has to be worked for. What is great about this is that there will always be people who are better than us at something. We just have to work harder at it.

What is advocation for me? It’s working on you everyday. No matter what situation comes your way, you have to look at how you can grow personally and professionally. Be aware of who you are serving and who you are destroying. The only person you can control in life is yourself.

What is advocation to someone else? It’s seeing the good in every situation. You have to learn to love yourself so that you can be happy and successful in life.