What Is Activity


What is activity, you ask? Activity can be defined as the movement of something. An apple spinning on the table represents the activity, because it is moving; a leaf falling means it is moving east and snowing in the north symbolizes winter, and activity may even exist without any human interaction at all. According to the Webster’s Dictionary an activity may be described as a series of activities, or a series of activities performed by people or animals for the purpose or result of some other end.

What is the activity? It means what you are doing; you may be riding your bike, walking, cooking, gardening, sewing, swimming, raking leaves, and playing a game of croquet. These are activities, and they each serve a particular purpose. To use an exercise example, walking and running are considered exercises, because they stretch, strengthen, and rejuvenate the body.

What is the activity? Activity helps us move. Activity gives us the energy we need to live. Because activity may be a physical or emotional release from stress, it helps to lower our heart rate, increase oxygen in the blood, boost our immune system, and increases our cognitive ability. If you are like most people, activity may even help reduce your stress level.

What is the activity? Activity provides mental stimulation. Most people don’t get enough quiet time, so activity provides a rich source of mental stimulation. Mental stimulation feeds off the energy expended during activity.

What is the activity? Activity gives us pleasure. Activities provide energy, excitement, and joy. When you walk through a city, the energy you spend on foot will feed you for hours; if you ride a bicycle, your legs will stay healthy, and you will be able to walk for hours.

What is the activity? Activity helps us feel alive. Not only does the activity provide the release of energy and mental stimulation, but activity provides the joy of happiness. Inactivity can lead to feelings of sadness and unhappiness.

What is the activity? What is the activity for you? When you think about it, the activity is always right there waiting for us to discover it.

What is the activity? Activity is always there. You just have to look for it. Look for activity around you, in the things that happen around you, in the things you do every day, and in the things you read. When you start to notice activities around you that seem to match the descriptions of what you have already learned about the activities, then you are on the right track.

What is activity for me? Activity is everywhere. You only have to observe. For example, when you eat a chocolate bar, you are creating new activity in your brain. The chocolate increases your blood sugar levels, which will increase your feeling of well being, and stimulate your nerve cells that help with learning and memory.

What is the activity for you? When you are walking in nature, you are creating new activity in your body. Even running in the park is a great activity. When you get outside, the air is fresh, and the trees are full of wonderful fragrances, all of which serve to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body.

What is activity for me? Activity is all around you. Take a few minutes to notice all of the activity around you. There is always something happening–you just need to listen.

What is activity for me? Activity is all around you, but you need to focus on it. Think about the last time you really listened to yourself. How was that?

What is activity for me? The best way to find out what is the activity for you is to pay attention to the things happening around you. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. Find the stories and take the time to listen. The more you do this, the more you will discover and understand about yourself.