What Is Abet?


What is abet? It means life; it’s all around us. From birds to fish to wildlife, nature is a wonderful sign of health and prosperity. In essence, what is abetting is everything we need in order to flourish; it is the very basis of civilization and modern technology.

The term, “abbet,” comes from the root of the word “abad,” meaning thriving, well or excel. Thus, it means “all life” or, in other words, “the best of life.” The accreditation board for engineering and technology, Incorporated, is an independent non-profit organization that accredited post-secondary educational programs in natural and applied science, technology, engineering and applied technology. Its mission is “to elevate the status of engineering and technology in society.”

What is abet today? Everything in this world, nature, man, knows how to thrive, grow and survive. It is for a good reason that life is abundant and readily available. It is what drives our economy, keeps our bodies healthy and strong and fuels our every thought. It is the basis of all forms of culture, all types of communication, and everything that make our world what it is today.

The question “What is abet?” is as timeless and fundamental as the question “Who are the Gods?” If we do not learn to appreciate and understand this basic concept of nature, we will never truly understand who we are, what we need to survive, and how to thrive and prosper. If we do not examine and evaluate the value of everything that surrounds us on a daily basis, we may never find our way out of poverty and disease.

What is abet today? The answer is almost endless. The earth, nature, universe, spiritual beings, and even our own self are constantly providing aid, support, and motivation for each of us. Each one of us has a purpose. What is abet today becomes obvious when we look at all that we need and require in order to be of value to ourselves and others.

For instance, we need food, clothing, shelter and transportation to survive. We need water to drink and purify. We need shelter to carry our provisions and ourselves. We need clothing to wear that will keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. And we need transportation to get from place to place and from one home to another.

From these necessities we can derive hundreds of other values. What is abet today becomes clear when we realize that all of these things are required for an orderly and happy existence. If we fail to supply our needs, this would result in unrest, misery, and discord. In order to have a worthy and peaceful life, we must work to provide for ourselves and for others.

We will never be truly happy or contented unless we are doing what is best for all of ourselves and for the world. In order to make this happen, it is necessary to be focused, positive, creative and motivated. We must learn to trust in God and be thankful for His presence and His help. Finally, we must believe that we are loved and supported completely by a loving and caring divine force. This will enable us to have faith in the power of positive action.

One great way to accomplish this is to be intentional about caring about others. When we care about the people around us, we become inspired to do more. This inspires us to act. Our actions can have enormous impact on the lives of those around us. We can be instrumental in stopping the cycle of violence and promoting peace.

What is abet today becomes clear when we look at the different factors that contribute to poor health conditions. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of healthy relationships and the like, create a body of ill health. We can reverse this by choosing to eat well and to exercise regularly. We can also choose to focus on those things that inspire us and to surround ourselves with people who love and support us.

What is abet today is rooted in the understanding that true freedom comes with self-respect, self-esteem and a sense of personal responsibility. It also comes from being aware of the value and gift of our lives. It is not difficult to give yourself and others the gift of a fulfilling life. When we start living each day as if our lives are precious, we will find that we live life to its fullest.