What Is A Millennial


The term “What is a Millennial?” has been around since the time frame of the First World War. As an issue for public discussion, it has gained increased attention in recent years due to the high rates of teenage pregnancy, which peaked at the end of the decade. It is an important topic because while each generation looks to the past for advice on how to deal with its problems, the present has many ways to deal with its challenges.

The First World War marked the beginning of what is a Millennial generation, which is currently the largest living generation in the history of the planet. It was during that conflict, that a new focus was placed on the age old issue of child birth. In fact, the term “baby boomers” emerged to describe those whose families had generation X and Y birth rates. The First World War resulted in what is a Millennial generation that was heavily involved in the struggle. Many of them were killed or displaced and those who survived found themselves in a drastically different situation than their predecessors.

Today, the focus is on the young people of this generation – the “Millennials.” They have been called a generation of empowered, digitally active individuals who are redefining social norms. The First World War did much to popularize the idea that young people could change the world and the future of it. At that time, it was not widely accepted as a definition of what is amillennial, as it was used as a label for a specific generation. In the last few decades, however, this label has been used to collectively define a group of people – mostly, but not exclusively, born in the eighties and nineties – who are considered to be of the largest influence on the current world stage.

Unlike other generations who experience significant changes in society during certain periods of time – such as baby boomers and Generation X – what is a millennial is generally more stagnant, even though the term has been used recently. The generation actually makes up two demographics – baby boomers and Generation X – which have experienced significant changes in societal norms. The baby boomer generation got together and started the “baby boom” age bracket, which was later followed by Generation X, who had the largest increase of people of all ages in the past three generations. The generation of X was also characterized by a massive increase in college attendance and post-secondary education.

The difference between these two generations is what is a millennial. Boomers are defined as those who were born in the early part of the twentieth century, while Generation X is the same as the younger population with a relatively short history. What is a generation is a group of people whose social networks are constantly evolving, with each generation having significantly different qualities. The generations are actually not so much different at all; they are just coming into distinct groups with different traits.

The biggest major difference between the generations is how they express their beliefs. Gen Z is the most left-leaning of the two, yet still very open to change. On the other hand, millennial are far more conservative than their parents. There are a few key characteristics that define the new generation, and these are common among all two major generations, but especially the first. Here are some of the traits you will find in what is a millennial.

Creativity – The first wave of youth in this new generation are extremely creative, technologically savvy, and passionate about the causes that they believe in. Gen Z can be found online, doing everything from participating in political debates on social media to creating websites for charity. In fact, the biggest thing that distinguishes the first generation from the second is the amount of volunteerism that they engage in. Baby boomers tended to stay home and do the same thing year after year. They passed their beliefs down to their children, who in turn passed them down to their children. However, the new generation is redefining social norms as well as sharing their own personal experiences online.

Influence – The oldest and most established of the two generations are very politically active, socially liberal, and technologically savvy. Unlike the baby boomer generation, who were largely isolationist, they seek to affect change through societal means. Generation X enjoys protests, voting, and even social engagement. Unlike the younger generations, who are not yet politically active, the traditional advertising methods of what is a millennial won’t sway their opinion. No matter what cause they are passionate about, they will use whatever platform they have at their disposal to promote their causes, no matter how controversial they may be.