What Does Samage Mean


What does samage mean? Samage is a word that has various meanings. It can be spelled as “samaj” or “samyak”.

The first meaning of the word is ‘right conduct’. The second meaning of the word is ‘harmlessness’. This means that someone who practices right conduct and harmlessness will have a good character. Finally, samage also means to damage or injure something, which would result in harm to oneself.

It means damage in English, it’s a Japanese slang word for “damage”. It was popularized in the 1970s when many American movies were translated and exported to Japan. Pronounced ˈs.a.māge. The term has evolved over time and now refers to any type of damage, whether it be physical or emotional.

There are many different words that could be spelled “samage.”
1) Samaje Perine – NFL running back.
2) Damage – the state of being harmed or injured.
3) Damage – a document proving you have been paid for something, and advising you how to receive repairs or compensation.
The pronunciation will vary by each definitions. It may sound like “sah-mayge,” “dah-myj,” or “damaj.” It can be used as an adjective, verb, noun, and adverb.

For example, you might say that someone has done some serious damage to their car if they have crashed it into another vehicle. You could also use the word in a sentence such as “I’m going to do some serious damage on this test.”