What Does Highkey Mean


I feel highkey when I… -want to embarrass my friend so bad in front of everybody.

The word can also refer to something grand or impressive. With most expressions being timeless in nature which can make or break intensity perception from person to person.

To put it in the simplest terms, “high-key” is the opposite of “low-key”. Low-key means something is hidden or secret. High-key means you are happy to shout about it and show everyone. In that way, high-keying it up has a closer meaning: announcing one’s happiness loudly. Similar concepts include being down with something (a person, an idea) or totally pumped for something (like “getting pumped”).

Highkey Mean

“Highkey” is a slang term for emphasizing that something is very true, That is used to express major emotional reactions such as amazement, awe, delight, impressive, outspoken, shameless and triumph. That the speaker wants to make it seem really impressive.

It can also mean to be more expressive than what is expected.

For example, if someone says they went on vacation and had a lot of fun, but the person asking wants specifics, then the person could say: “Yeah dude I was really high-key having fun!”

High Key Definition

Highkey is a term that is used to describe what people are wearing, what they are doing, or what mood they are in. The word highkey originated from hip-hop culture and has slowly made its way into the mainstream lexicon.

Highkey is an adjective that describes things that are high in intensity. It’s often used to describe a person who is mean and high-intensity, but can also be used to describe the weather when it’s really hot outside.

High-key also has some different meanings depending on the context:

  • (noun) a very happy and excited mood; characterized by happiness and enthusiasm
  • (adjective) being extremely happy with oneself for some reason (i.e., fame, health etc.)
  • (adverb) often used to indicate an emotional

High Key Urban Dictionary

Described on Urban Dictionary as “the opposite of low key which means straight up, communicative, chatty,  shameless etc. The term has also been defined as a high-pitched voice without low tones.

1. Something that someone is not shy about admitting to or something that they are sincerely enthusiastic about. Synonyms: outspoken, shameless, unapologetic, upfront; emphasize (noun)

2. The highest pitch of a keyboard instrument’s range or the loudest volume it can produce. Synomiys: high-pitched, loud.