What Does Acquitted Mean


“In acquitting a person of a crime, the court leaves the issues of guilt and punishment open for review under the usual rules of evidence.” In common law jurisdictions, an acquitted person is free to defend himself against the accusation as far as the general criminal law is concerned. The finality of such an acquitted person depends entirely upon the jurisdiction in which the trial took place. In criminal cases, the acquittals are referred to as being “innocent by reason of lack of evidence.” However, “innocent by reason of the absence of evidence” is also a possible phrase to describe acquittals. Therefore, it is important that you know what does acquitted mean in the context of a criminal case.

In some jurisdictions, acquittals are frequently resorted to. For instance, in a rape case, or else murder charges, if there was probable cause to suspect the person of the commission of the crime, or if he resisted arrest, then the prosecution could have established a “balance of probability” against the accused. Such arrests and detentions, if found valid, would be upheld by the courts. Such allegations require an acquittal. The prosecutor has the right to present such allegations during the trial.

An acquit on the other hand, means that the defendant did not commit the crime. Thus, when a defendant is charged with murder, but denies any involvement, or else contests the charge, then the prosecution has the right to present such statements as would tend to prove innocence. Likewise, when a defendant refuses to give a statement about the commission of a crime, then the prosecution can use such a statement against him/her.

So what does acquitted mean, when someone is being charged? It means that the charges against the person are being dismissed. Charges that could have resulted in a conviction will always be kept inadmissible in a court of law. When a case is being considered for acquitting, it means that the prosecution has not been able to prove that the suspect committed the crime. In many criminal cases, the word acquittals itself can mean that the case is being set for trial, instead of being dismissed.

It is always wise to consult a lawyer, who will tell you what does acquitted mean. There are different lawyers for different cases. Some specialize in criminal defense, while others are solely focused on white collar crime. In some cases, what does acquitted mean, may simply mean that there was insufficient evidence to prove guilt.

It would be better if you do not know what does acquitted mean, than to be convicted of a crime, which may have a long jail sentence attached to it. If you have been accused of a crime, and you are looking for ways to fight your case, then it is important to know what does acquitted mean. Many defense attorneys will give you advice on how to deal with the charges against you. Even if you have been found not guilty by a court of law, this does not mean that your career as a criminal will be over.

The prosecutors might try harder to get a conviction for you if you have not been found guilty. So, what does acquitted mean, when the prosecution tries hard to win the case? Your attorney will tell you what does acquitted mean, when the prosecution tries to win a trial. It is better to hire a good defense lawyer, than to face a long sentence. If you want to get a fair trial, then you should consult a lawyer.

There are many reasons why a person may be accused of a crime. If you want to know what does acquitted mean, then it is important to understand what actually acquires a conviction. If you want to get a fair trial, then it is important to hire an experienced lawyer. A good defense attorney will tell you what does acquittals mean.