How Much Alcohol to Get Drunk?


The answer is different for everyone. How Much Alcohol to Get Drunk. A female would need to consume upward of 12 and a male over 18, in one hour.

Alcohol tolerance is based on duration of intake and body composition so tall men who have lived their whole life without ever drinking will not be the same as a shorter individual with a higher alcohol tolerance.

Heavier people would also have to drink even more then taller or lighter people due to volume difference which exacerbates the effects of alcohol.

A helpful comparison is that it takes 2-3 times as much water for an overweight person to feel hydrated than someone weighing 130 pounds.

The amount can vary depending on several factors including sex, race/heritage, height/body mass, alcohol tolerance; one person may only need 3 drinks while.

Everyone must know their limits while remaining safe and responsible by not exceeding their limits in order for things to go smoothly and without any repercussions or side effects.

The easiest way to calculate this is by looking at blood alcohol content (BAC). Getting drunk is not an exact science and it’s different for everyone. But doing some math can give a pretty good estimate of how many drinks it would take to get there.

Tallying up the number of drinks multiplied by their percent alcohol by volume should give you a rough idea on whether or not you’re at risk for getting a buzz. Here are some measurements to go with these examples:

1 shot (125 ml) = 36% alcohol by volume .5 glasses (300 ml) = 18% alcohol by volume

3 shots (375 ml) = 54% alcohol by volume 1 glass + 1 shot (~500ml watery concoction) = 72 % alcohols yen chay maker machinee liquor 4 beers.

Heavy drinking typically has the following effects:

-Nausea and vomiting
-Confusion, drowsiness, and inability to concentrate
-Loss of coordination in hands and feet which can rise to staggering or falling down
-Marked difficulty in maintaining a steady walk, for example walking on a straight line. This may be related to “wobbling” condition called “ataxia” where the person’s sense of balance is impaired. They would have to draw an invisible basketball goal three or four feet ahead of them as they walk because they cannot see their footing very well without it. Alcohol can make this worse by making people less responsive when they are trying to deal with steep hills.