How Many Carrots in a Pound?


Answer: One pound of carrots depends on the size of the carrot, about 6 to 7 medium carrots or 4 large ones.

There are a few factors that determine how many carrots weigh a pound. Carrots vary in size, so some will be smaller, and some will be larger. It also depends on what cut you get when you purchase the carrots–the standard carrot measurement is medium (or large), but they may carry packaged as baby carrots or sliced into coins or sticks. Finally, how long your carrot has been sitting on the shelf or in storage can make all the difference–freshly harvested vegetables tend to weigh more than ones stored for months at a time. Large carrots generally weigh about 6 pounds per 4 ounces, while medium-sized ones have around 8 pounds per 4 ounces when clean and uncut.