Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer


Answer: No.

Despite the common misconception, it’s just not happening. Your lashes do grow after a certain time — but only to replace old ones that have fallen out. Tears don’t play any role in eyelash growth, so save them for more heavy-duty jobs like washing your face or mopping up sweat with an already dirty shirt…

Answer: No. But the tears coming from crying can create small scratches on your eyes, and if they’re not washed off properly those scratches can create a place for bacteria to grow, leading to styles or an eye infection.

There is no scientific evidence that supports the idea that crying will make your eyelashes grow longer. Some people believe that if you’re sitting on an airplane and get teary-eyed, your body has been deprived of oxygen which causes your hair to grow faster, so when you cry tears, it means more growth for the hair follicles in our eyes as well. Scientists say that this theory isn’t true because there’s no correlation of hair growth with environmental stresses or changes in altitude pressures. The hormones and enzymes present in our tears are also different than those found in saliva which helps contribute to healthy teeth and bones. So it is believed by some scientists that our emotions – not just pain – influences how fast we age through these hormones.